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At Total Glow, we understand the impact health and wellness have on all aspects of life. We know true beauty comes from the inside out and we offer several therapies to address your overall wellness and help you glow. These therapies can be added to your skincare treatments to boost your entire wellbeing without adding any additional time.

We can also help you discover any imbalance and reset your system with Ayurveda Lifestyle Wellness Consultations. Not only will Terrie diagnose your body constitution and evaluate lifestyle, but she will also educate you. When you know the why and how, you can enjoy healthy beautiful skin and health; and with the proper balance, you only need what is naturally beneficial. We can help you achieve clear beautiful skin without makeup procedures and camouflage.

Looking to extend your self care into a regular fitness routine? Ask us about our complimentary 30 minute Introductory Bar Method or Yoga classes taught by industry experts and provided in our beautiful onsite Center.

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