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The Total Facial™In Palo Alto, CA

Why choose Total Glow?

We provide the most advanced holistic therapies to heal the root causes of your skin concerns for both your face and body.

We offer personalized, unparalleled skincare and whole body services that integrate Western advanced technology with only the best of Asian influences and Ayurveda traditions. We use what we know combined in a way that we are confident will provide the most effective results. Because we know how much it means to you to have beautiful healthy skin, you can trust us to create the best service possible just for you.

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Introducing Total Glow’s Time Prescriptive Treatments to bring back the real meaning of personalized treatment and service. We know you have the desire for simple, effective, and genuine spa experiences. Information can often be contradictory and confusing, which makes skincare and healthy choices challenging. However, our treatments have evolved over the years from intensive, daily, hands-on experience with our patients and their skin. You are a unique person, and how you live your life and see yourself is unlike anyone else. We respect you as an individual and are here to listen, guide and provide the services you need to bring your skin back to life and give you a Total Glow along the way.

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Total Facial™

The Total Facial™ allows you to book time rather than specific treatments, so your time with us can be designed just for you when you see us. We know your life changes fast and is impacted by what you eat or drink, how much you sleep, your activity level and stresses of any kind. Your skin wears your daily life. It is our largest organ absorbing 60-70% of what we put into it. You change and your skin changes along with you - so shouldn’t your appointments change too? We will take care of what you and your skin needs today, not when you booked your treatment. No last minute changes, added costs or time. Book your Total Facial ™ with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Total Glow offers a wide range of unique facial treatments for glowing results

At Total Glow, our med spa in Menlo Park, you pick the amount of time and the total expenditure. Leave the rest to us. We provide only what you need and what you want. Using our expertise and the data you provide, we will help you select the correct treatment from our wide range of options, to ensure glowing results from your Palo Alto facial experience.

The Power Glow 30 Minutes

Sometimes you need to keep it simple. This highly effective powerhouse treatment repairs and hydrates the skin leaving you with a glow you and other people will notice.

The Optimal Glow 90 Minutes

A decadent facial that addresses all skin concerns including problematic and sensitive skin, aging concerns of the face, neck and décolleté and delicate eye area. We utilize powerful nutrients that firm, tone, refine and deeply hydrate the skin for a lasting glow.

The Perfect Glow 60 Minutes

The truly perfect facial in Palo Alto where your therapist chooses a combination of ldeep cleansing, lifting, intense hydration and healing actions to create an immediate and visible effect. Your skin will have a natural glow that looks healthy and radiant.

Total Radiant Glow
– 1 hour 15 minutes


An advanced and luxurious comprehensive treatment both for the skin and overall wellness. Your skin care therapist will work with you to select the most beneficial treatments at one price without having to worry about add-on pricing. This includes various customized combinations or our skincare modalities with selections from treatments such as HydraFacial, Environ Cool Peels, Environ DFII, GENEO Oxygenation treatment, Omnilux LED, TriaWave and other treatments that can be done within the allocated 1 hour and 15 minute time period without any additional cost. The Radiant Glow excludes Ballancer Pro whole body lymphatic drainage during your skincare treatment. This is a truly advanced skincare and wellness experience.

This extraordinary treatment provides further results and enhanced penetration of potent active ingredients for noticeable anti aging and firming results. The facial begins with a pre-cleanse followed by the combination or selection of different applications as well as the award winning Environ cool peel gel, one of our own proprietary masks, and Environ’s Vitamin A and C serums, growth factors and hydrating ingredients. Utilizing these already powerful nutrients and active ingredients, they may be combined with the use of the Environ Ionzyme DF11 machine - one of the World’s most advanced facial treatments which is like the efficacy of 44 facials.

Overall benefits include increased radiance, firmness and skin that glows with renewed health and youthful vibrancy. Perfect for every skin type.

Application of the Environ body Vitamin treatment on arms and hands is included.

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We aim to make every aspect of your skincare journey stress-free, offering online and in-person shopping. When you visit our office, we are eager to assist you with product selection and proper application, so you get the most out of the products and services offered at Total Glow. Total Glow is the ultimate destination for skincare by Environ in the Bay Area.

As always, please feel free to contact us during regular business hours with any questions regarding the skincare products or treatments at Total Glow. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff holds client care and service to the highest standards and takes pride in assisting you with achieving your Total Glow.

*Total Facials are by membership only

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