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It is a sad fact of life that working out at the gym doesn’t always achieve the results you’re looking for, and you may end up feeling discouraged and frustrated. With our Bay Area EMSculpt treatment, muscle tone, firmness and strength can finally be addressed non-surgically, while stubborn fat is easily melted away.

The procedure also makes an extremely effective part of your maintenance plan once you have the body you want. Total Glow is excited to offer the innovative EMSculpt technology as part of your total body makeover.

What is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt utilizes a proprietary magnetic field to penetrate the skin’s surface, delivering about 20,000 contractions to the muscles over a 30-minute session. This triggers a metabolic response that burns fat cells and bolsters muscle strength. Healthy skin tissue is perfectly preserved in the process.

EMSculpt can be used as a therapeutic approach to jump start your exercise program after an injury or a holiday hiatus. It can also address the torso or abs to strengthen your core, as well as arms, legs, and buttocks. Patients who are already slim and fit finally have a procedure that can take them to the next level aesthetically with no downtime or discomfort.

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What Does EMSculpt Cost?

Each patient receives a customized procedure that is right for their body, so fees will vary from client to client. We will make sure you leave your private Bay Area consultation with a clear understanding of your financial obligations as well as the financing that is available to you.

Bay Area EMSculpt

Why select Total Glow in the Bay Area for EMSculpt?

With a team that includes a board-certified plastic surgeon as well as seven highly skilled and rigorously trained aestheticians, Total Glow has become a haven for 21st-century skincare, housed in a luxurious spa-like setting in the beautiful Menlo Park and Palo Alto areas.

Our approach fuses timeless Eastern philosophies of healing such as Ayurveda with modern, cutting edge technology to attack the signs of aging from multiple directions, ensuring a visibly more youthful, radiant and illuminated appearance.

Every treatment is tailored with your comfort, well-being and ultimate success in mind, from our initial skin analysis to your final follow up with personalized skincare products. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for arguably the best treatment of EMSculpt Bay Area has to offer.

Our Office The Total Glow Difference

When you come to Total Glow for treatment, you are entering an environment of total commitment to you. Terrie Absher Kochman, our founder and Sherpa, has implemented every measure to ensure each step of your journey is met with complete attention to detail.

Terrie trains every provider in the practice for months before allowing them to treat patients. This ensures each provider has “the touch” with each client, not only providing excellent results, but also making each patient as comfortable as possible.

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