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Terrie Absher Founder of Total Glow Medspa


As the founder of Total Glow medspa, Terrie Absher is inspired by an enduring passion to find the highest quality, most healthful and environmentally sound skin and body care solutions available.

More than a medspa, Terrie has created a wellness destination where she, and her team, weave time-honored eastern methods and the very latest advances in western medicine, technology, and training to bring clients their most effective and least invasive anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments for the skin, face, body and spirit.

Palo Alto Med Spa & Skincare specialist Terrie Absher

Early introduction to beauty and skincare

Terrie’s unique Korean/Irish heritage gave her an early introduction to beauty and skincare. Growing up in Korea and Okinawa, Japan, Terrie observed her mother’s long, nightly skin care routine with both products and facial massage. As a pre-teen, her mother, who is Korean, gave Terrie her first set of skincare products and taught her about proper skincare. Even still, Terrie struggled with a myriad of skin issues, including grade IV cystic acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and sun damage.

Terrie’s own skincare experience led her on a path to find the healthiest way to restore her skin vitality to look her very best. She spent a tremendous amount of time reading journals and researching skin.

Her journey started in a clinical setting, and under the training of a well renowned dermatologist where Terrie was trained and licensed as a medical aesthetician. She was one of the first to use the HydraFacial machine and learn Dr. Bitter, Jr.’s technique performing a non-invasive face lift utilizing microcurrent and other modalities.

In 2005, Terrie ventured out on her own as a single practitioner in Menlo Park. Here she gradually integrated some of the nutritional and holistic routines she followed at home, including her background in Korean skin care techniques. The positive results she discovered, by blending the two together, led her to become more interested in integrating holistic approaches with clinical methods. Terrie’s tipping point, and vision for Total Glow, occurred after some challenging personal losses. She experienced first-hand how the mind, heart, and body are connected when her wellbeing was compromised.

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In her search to restore a sense of peace and positivity, she gravitated toward the most ancient of all healing sciences – Ayurveda, because it addresses the whole body, including mind and spirit.

Ayurveda changed Terrie’s life profoundly - renewing her whole-body health, optimizing the glow of her skin, and restoring her sense of peace, happiness and positive energy. The practice of Ayurveda is a cornerstone and point of distinction in the methods Terrie brought to life when she launched Total Glow in 2017.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s only natural to integrate detoxification and restore the imbalances her clients experience day-to-day with stress and challenge, in an effort to achieve radiant skin. When she launched Total Glow, Terrie’s vision was to create a safe haven where her clients feel embraced, taken care of, listened to, and pampered. She continues to operate with integrity, using and doing what is best for each individual, and providing only services that guests really need. With close to 20 years of clinical and holistic experience, she has comprehensive, advanced esthetics training and is a licensed aesthetician, skincare educator, certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic aromatherapist.

Total Glow founder Terrie Absher


When she’s away from Total Glow, Terrie most loves to spend quality time with her family - her husband, adult children as well as their two rescue dogs and cats. She enjoys the outdoors, yoga, meditation, music of all genres, creating new plant-based dishes, baking, living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Most of all, she enjoys being able to bring these values into her business by providing an ethical wellness experience without compromising complete luxury.

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