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Synergistic personalized treatment

TriaWave is an advanced facial treatment that synergistically utilizes three technologies to improve various cosmetic concerns related to facial skin.

With Environ products, your Total Glow TriaWave treatment in Palo Alto is entirely customizable to provide you with not only comprehensive improvement to your skin’s tone, texture, and appearance but also focused attention where it’s most needed.

Palo Alto TriaWave treatment

How does TriaWave work?

TriaWave combines three modalities to achieve optimal results without invasive or painful treatment. This tri-modality approach allows clients to essentially undergo three treatments simultaneously, with each technology enhancing the effects of the others.

PicoWave microcurrent treatment

PicoWave uses an electrical microcurrent to stimulate muscles and the body’s production of proteins collagen, elastin, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to tone the face and firm skin. While collagen and elastin contribute to the treated skin’s elasticity and texture, ATP stores and transfers energy between cells. PicoWave firms, lifts, tones, and energizes the face for a vitalizing effect.

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Low-frequency sonophoresis

This sound-based technology applies sonic waves to the skin, separating the skin cells for deeper penetration of Environ skincare products. As a result, more product reaches deeper levels of the skin for enhanced effectiveness.

Pulsed iontophoresis

This advanced technology energizes the product before it is absorbed by cells, delivering them with ultra-nourishing vitamins, peptides, hydration, and antioxidants.

What are the benefits of TriaWave?

At Total Glow in Palo Alto TriaWave revitalizes the skin and tones muscles using cutting-edge technologies and Environ skincare products. You can expect TriaWave to smooth wrinkles, correct skin tone unevenness, tone facial muscles, and firm and hydrate the skin. Thanks to the use of Environ’s extensive line of products, you can customize your treatment to provide added improvement to specific conditions. Treatment is non-invasive, comfortable, and produces both immediate and long-term benefits.

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What should I expect during my TriaWave treatment?

TriaWave is exceptionally comfortable, with many clients describing it as relaxing or luxurious. Some clients only feel the cool metal applicator wands against their skin, while others report a warm or tingling sensation. Your first TriaWave treatment takes approximately 90 minutes, with follow-up sessions lasting closer to 50 minutes. Results are cumulative, and the number of treatments each client needs depends on the desired results.

How long is recovery?

There is absolutely zero recovery time with TriaWave. Some clients feel mildly drowsy or fatigued immediately following treatment, though this effect typically wears off within about 20 minutes.

When will I see my results?

You will see a noticeable improvement in your skin’s appearance and facial contours immediately after treatment. However, your results will continue to improve for several months as the effects of enhanced protein production take place. After a full series of treatments, your results will last up to one year. You can maintain your results with an at-home skincare regimen and follow-up TriaWave treatments.

Why should I choose Total Glow for my TriaWave treatment?

Total Glow offers a truly unique medspa experience.

Combining aromatherapy, friendly and highly-trained staff, and the most advanced medical-grade treatments available to achieve a soothing and inviting treatment atmosphere. Total Glow CEO and ultra-experienced Palo Alto skincare expert Terrie Absher personally trains each of our aestheticians for two months before they treat clients with basic procedures and over six months before they perform deluxe treatments.

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Terrie’s thorough training ensures that each aesthetician understands the concepts and technologies of each treatment and how they are best applied to each client’s individual needs. Our team prioritizes client care, treatment experience, and results to ensure that every aspect of your Total Glow journey produces the highest level of satisfaction.

Terrie Absher Palo Alto Med Spa specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks and side effects of TriaWave?

Side effects of microcurrent therapy are mild and extremely rare. However, there is a possibility of side effects, including fatigue, nausea, or drowsiness. These side effects may begin during treatment or up to about 90 minutes after treatment. They may last four to 24 hours. There is no known risk of serious or lasting complications.

Am I a candidate?

Clients who want to improve the contours and skin quality of their faces are likely candidates for TriaWave. However, some conditions may make some clients ineligible for this treatment. Clients who are pregnant or have electrical implant devices, active cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, or epilepsy may not be candidates.

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