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Modern Practices. Ancient Traditions.

We provide a unique medspa experience combining Terrie’s Korean heritage, Ayurvedic education and modern clinical practices. Using both advanced technology of Western medical spas and Eastern principles, Total Glow provides in depth digital skin analysis and private consultations to give each client whole body solutions to natural beauty and wellness.

Better than a Hydrafacial®

The transformational experience of having a Custom Crafted HydraFacial at Total Glow. Our four decadent HydraFacial treatments are simply in a league of their own— each one combining the experience gained through the delivery of tens of thousands of procedures, across 16 years of specialization and intensive training—and each one blended with our comprehensive knowledge of the Environ Skin Care line, and our time-honored Eastern methods of holistic delivery.

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Environ California FlagshipAdvanced Facial Treatments

Patients often seek out the services of a med spa in Palo Alto because their over-the-counter products are simply not up to the task of rejuvenating skin that has faced years of stress, aging and environmental damage. At Total Glow, we provide medical-grade skincare products that are innovative and effective, and have an international reputation for success in treating even the most challenging skin conditions.

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Med Spa Palo Alto

We incorporate a holistic approach to our treatments—because true beauty and wellness is about more than what lies on the surface.

Founder, CEO Terrie Absher Kochman

After struggling with rosacea, acne, acne scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and in more recent years hormonal imbalances and preventative solutions to aging skin, Terrie knew firsthand the need for real solutions to her skincare problems. This was the impetus to create a med spa where patients could enjoy a holistic approach that incorporated nutrition, Ayurveda, aromatherapy and whole-body wellness. Ever passionate about improving her clients’ complexions, Terrie created a wealth of strategic treatments for anti-aging, detoxification, and everyday renewal and rejuvenation. Terrie is the Environ Practice Management Educator, a licensed Medical aesthetician, a Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and a Certified HydraFacial practitioner who has been administering the HydraFacial since 2003.

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Medspa Bay Area

Dr. James

Dr. James Newman is the Founder and Director of the Aesthetic Center located in Palo Alto, San Mateo and Half Moon Bay. With over 15 years of skilled surgical experience and an innovator in minimally invasive techniques, he is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in the area.

Dr. Newman has put together a team of exemplary plastic surgeons, aaestheticians, anesthesiologist and anti-aging specialist to help patients achieve their highest goals of both inner and outer health and beauty.

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Medical Spa Palo Alto

Licensed aesthetician Grisel

In the beginning of my career in the esthetic industry 2012, I was working as makeup artist for 4 years. I’ve worked with women of all ages. Everyone that ever sat in my chair only had one wish, to look beautiful. No matter what their age, every time I was done with the makeup application the look on their faces instantly radiated confidence. From there, I understood how powerful appearance can be.

I decided to go into the skin care because I believe women should feel as beautiful and confident without makeup. Our faces are the representation of our bodies and everyone deserves to have radiant healthy-looking skin. Because When you look good, you feel good. and that affects our health and everyday life.

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Medical Spa Bay Area

Licensed aesthetician Jannessa

Janessa began her journey in medical esthetics over 5 years ago at a Medical Spa as a patient care coordinator during her College years. Her work experience served to solidify her long standing passion for skincare science. After graduating from Long Beach State, with a BA in Communication Studies, she immediately enrolled into an esthetic program to pursue a career as a skincare therapist. She enjoys the one on one relationship and being personally involved with the care and education of our clients.

Because of her commitment to keeping apprised of contemporary trends and research within medical esthetics, she is able to provide valuable insight and information to our clients and our Palo Alto med spa. She makes a point of obtaining firsthand experience with the latest treatments and investigating product lines in order to educate our clients of realistic expectations and or benefits.

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Medical Spa in Palo Alto

Licensed aesthetician Kimberly

Kimberly is a licensed aesthetician and graduated in 2016 from Paul Mitchell the School of San Jose. During her seven years of retail experience prior to skincare, she always enjoyed working with co-workers and the numerous daily customers. Her excellent inter personnel skills and sensitivity to her customer’s needs propelled her to pursue a career that was more personal in nature. Her first passion was makeup, however, she soon realized she had a greater interest in skincare given her own skin sensitivity and Rosacea diagnosis. Kimberly’s natural ability to learn easily and apply her knowledge and experience helped her quickly become an effective skincare provider.

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Medspa in Palo Alto

Licensed aesthetician Ana

I’m a passionate about helping others and take joy in helping others feel good about themselves. Due to my own skin issues and seeing friends and family struggle with their skin, I decided to become an aesthetician. Attending Fremont beauty college was one of my most memorable experiences and one of my favorite times. I never thought that I would enjoy learning skin care as much as I did. I definitely discovered my calling. I enjoy learning new things about this industry and always doing the best for our clients. At Total Glow, the extended training and advanced courses are a perfect match. After work, my favorite part of the day is seeing my daughter. I look forward to our spending time together whether just going on a walk or traveling to new places and discovering new things. She motivates me everyday.

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Med Spa in Palo Alto

Licensed aesthetician Tina

Tina is a Licensed aesthetician and a Bar Method Instructor. She has been teaching Bar Method for over 15 years and makes physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle a priority in her life. Over the last decade, this approach to health evolved to include overall wellness and skin health after becoming a client of Terrie’s in order to reverse the extensive photo damage she had from her sun loving days.

She saw significant results.Her skin looked rejuvenated and hydrated and pigmentation was diminished by her treatments. Tina made the decision that she wanted to be part of the integrated revolution at Total Glow which aligned with her values and priorities.

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Med Spa in Bay Area

Front Desk Daeja

Daeja comes from another Spa in Palo Alto where she worked for 5 years,, as she says, "the universe led me to Total Glow". Total Glow's warm and inviting culture is the perfect fit for her positive, sweet and caring nature. She is committed to providing genuine care to our clients and patients and overall exceptional service.

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Medspa Palo Alto

Licensed aesthetician, Accounts Manager Jennifer

Jennifer began her first professional career in the Accounting field. However, her chronic skincare issues led her to be under the care of an aesthetician for some time. Being educated about helpful lifestyle changes and proper skincare resulted in her skin healing and being restored. Personally experiencing the life changing impact possible under the care of a dedicated and knowledgeable aesthetician instilled in her a desire to help others the same way as well. Driven by her passion, she completed the Esthetics program with Paul Mitchell The School with Skin and Makeup honors.

Her goal is to make a difference and always provide the utmost care and attention to her client's skin care needs. She found the perfect match at Total Glow which provides the education, time and tools necessary on a holistic as well as clinical level to effect change and skin health.

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Medspa Palo Alto

Licensed aesthetician Svitlana

Lana is a Licensed aesthetician. She began her beauty career in Ukraine where got her first degree in physics. However, since she was young she was always learning about healthy lifestyle and nutrition, and skin health. Lana believes that skin is an indicator of our well-being because many problems in our body are first visible in our skin. Her science background together with her interest in skin health resulted her studying the biological processes that had an impact in this area. This led her to pursue becoming a skin therapist.

After moving to Bay Area, she graduated from Beauty College and got her aesthetician License. She has completed advanced training for many Clinical Esthetics treatments, Para-Medical esthetics, and Cosmetic Ingredients courses in Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. She never stops learning and continues stay with the updates.

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Medspa Palo Alto

Medical Master Trainer, Acupuncturist Franck

Franck Joly is a physician of Oriental Medicine and the creator of the highly novel and effective anti-aging face and body treatment, combining the very best that Western and Eastern medicines have to offer for true rejuvenation and healthy aging. The treatment was developed based on his intensive studies at the renowned Emperor’s College of TCM in Santa Monica, CA where he holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and is a frequent guest lecturer. With a specialty in “Anti-aging Constitutional Cosmetic Acupuncture,” Franck has also completed fellowships with key Doctors and Authorities of Chinese Medicine who are specialized in anti-aging at the Emperor’s College Clinic as well as at the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center’s Integrative Medicine at Disney Family Cancer Center in Burbank, CA.

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Each day, our skin encounters a host of challenges, from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays to environmental toxins and pollution. When you add to this the effects of aging, you can understand how essential it is to take decisive action to restore your complexion and well being. Our Bay Area medical spa offers customized HydraFacials, microneedling, chemical peels and more to help revolutionize your skin and jumpstart your confidence.

treatment that goes

beyond symptoms.


Injectables and dermal fillers are safe, non-invasive compounds that help to offset the loss of facial volume that occurs with aging, as well as reverse wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles and creases that form around the mouth, the eyes, the nose, and the forehead. Injectables can be combined to achieve results on par with plastic surgery, minus the lengthy downtimes and higher costs. We work with BOTOX, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Kybella, among others.

Medspa Palo Alto


Non-surgical body sculpting is the innovative new frontier in contouring your physique. Our range of non-invasive yet highly potent treatments can help to slim, streamline and firm your belly, thighs, hips, rear end, upper arms, bra rolls and chest, improving your satisfaction with your image. These treatments are invaluable in reducing the stubborn fat that does not respond to dieting and exercise. We work with SculpSure, ThermiVA, Exilis Ultra, BodyTite, and EmSculpt. If you wish to learn more, contact our office today and schedule a consultation at one of the best medspas Palo Alto has to offer.

Medspa Palo Alto

Your experience doesn’t stop once you leave Total Glow. We believe excellent service requires continued support and education extending into your daily lifestyle.

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