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Setting the standard for Environ Skincare providers

Total Glow is the Exclusive Environ Flagship Provider south of San Francisco, offering clients the comprehensive line of intensive vitamin therapy skincare in Palo Alto, California.

Our passion for skincare, deep understanding of the science behind the most advanced products and treatments on the market, and superior attention to the needs of our clients have also earned us the prestigious Best Medical Spa Award from Environ and an elite role as an exclusive Environ training center. Total Glow sets the standard for skincare in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Terrie with Dermaconcepts President, Carol Trow and CEO, Rob Trow

Offering the complete line of Environ products

As the Flagship provider, we offer every product within the Environ Skincare line. We receive weekly deliveries direct from Environ’s exclusive manufacturing facility, so you can rest assured that you receive the absolute freshest products available. With the freshest formulas and complete product line at your fingertips, Total Glow makes it as easy as ever for you to achieve your ideal complexion with the Environ Skincare line.

Superior commitment to product freshness

For added assurance that you are receiving the freshest and optimally effective products, Environ packages each product with deliberate care to prevent damage caused by air, light, and bacteria. While other brands offer no expiration date on product labels or assign an arbitrary three-to-five-year shelf life, Environ assigns each product an exceptionally short shelf life and provides a clear expiration date on each product and its packaging.

Palo Alto Med Spa founder Terrie Absher with Dr. Des Fernandes

Terrie Absher, founder of Total Glow, with Dr. Des Fernandes - creator of medical needling and founder of Environ Skincare.

The science behind Environ Skincare

Environ Skincare was born from internationally renowned Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and company founder Dr. Des Fernandes’ mission to develop products that could effectively prevent skin cancer and reverse the effects of sun damage.

Over more than two decades, Environ has established its place as an industry trailblazer, creating an exceptionally effective, all-encompassing skincare line from carefully selected ingredients. As a result, Environ has received a multitude of international awards and is considered a world leader in advanced skincare.

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In keeping with Environ’s uncompromising dedication to providing consumers with products made from clean ingredients, the company has a strict list of criteria to ensure that every molecule of every formula is safe and effective. Every product within the Environ line is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, colorants, and fragrance. In addition, Environ’s cruelty-free testing is consistent with the company’s strict commitment to ethical product development.

Environ subjects each product to rigorous and thorough testing. The Swiss Vitamin Institute (SVI) performs additional annual testing to ensure that every formula contains the most effective vitamins and potency levels to produce optimal results.

“I wanted to make something that would help skin to actually be better, not merely feel or appear better”
- Dr. Des Fernandes, Founder of Environ

Environ treatments by Total Glow

As the Exclusive Flagship Environ provider south of San Francisco and a training center for other providers, Total Glow offers the most experienced and expert application of treatments utilizing Environ products.

Our Environ DF II and TriaWave treatments combine Environ products with cutting-edge technologies to produce enhanced skin-rejuvenating results. Total Glow visionary and CEO Terrie Absher personally trains each of our providers for two months before they perform the simplest client procedures and over six months for more advanced services. Her dedication to excellence ensures that each client’s experience is consistent with the Total Glow reputation for excellence. Our extraordinarily knowledgeable and experienced team of treatment providers offers our clients the utmost confidence that they are receiving the highest level of care.

Personalized skincare regimen curating

The experts at Total Glow are here to assist you with creating your uniquely curated, ultimate skincare regimen. We want you to know that we care about your skin long after you leave our office. Whether your needs include everyday care or post-treatment recovery aid, our Palo Alto med spa specialists are proficient in providing clients with personalized skincare guidance to ensure the best results from daily regimens and Total Glow treatments.

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We aim to make every aspect of your skincare journey stress-free, offering online and in-person shopping. When you visit our office, we are eager to assist you with product selection and proper application, so you get the most out of the products and services offered at Total Glow. Total Glow is the ultimate destination for skincare by Environ in the Bay Area. As always, please feel free to contact us during regular business hours with any questions regarding the skincare products or treatments at Total Glow. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff holds client care and service to the highest standards and takes pride in assisting you with achieving your Total Glow.

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