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If you are looking for a minimally invasive alternative to liposuction that reduces fat, tones your curves and revitalizes you from head to toe, BodyTite might be an excellent option for your goals. Using innovative radiofrequency energy, BodyTite combats stubborn fat without incisions, scarring or long recovery times. It is appropriate for the hips, thighs, knees, buttocks, arms and abdomen.

What is BodyTite?

Approved by the FDA for non-surgical body contouring, BodyTite uses controlled radiofrequency energy to melt away unwanted fat and tighten the skin. Skin tissue is heated from within to trigger a collagen response, firming and toning the area for a more youthful looking aesthetic overall. The same results can be achieved with traditional liposuction, but with BodyTite, you won’t have to wait as long for your outcome or undergo the higher risks of incisions and aesthesia.

BodyTite Palo Alto

What can I expect from recovery?

Areas of treatment will vary for each client, thus the recovery time will be different for every patient. Average downtime is a few days. You will see your results immediately, but they will continue to improve over the course of the next 6-12 months.

BodyTite Palo Alto

Why Total Glow?

Taking your skincare to new, exponentially more lustrous heights is the mission of Total Glow in Palo Alto, a one-stop sanctuary for glowing, radiant and youthful complexions and physiques. Both men and women of all ages enjoy our dual East-West approach as we combine the healing wisdom of Ayurveda with cutting edge Western technology.

Patients are treated to incredible pampering, with every procedure customized to your comfort level, lifestyle, personal goals and unique skin type. We perform an in depth skin analysis to ensure your treatments achieve your expectations and that you leave our luxury offices feeling energized in mind, body and spirit.

How much will BodyTite cost me?

BodyTite fees will be assessed individually based on your physical evaluation during your consultation in Palo Alto. Each client will require a unique approach to successfully slim your target zones and achieve a more streamlined, eye-catching torso.

Our Office The Total Glow Difference

When you come to Total Glow for treatment, you are entering an environment of total commitment to you. Terrie Absher Kochman, our founder and Sherpa, has implemented every measure to ensure each step of your journey is met with complete attention to detail.

Terrie trains every provider in the practice for months before allowing them to treat patients. This ensures each provider has “the touch” with each client, not only providing excellent results, but also making each patient as comfortable as possible.

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