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Total Glow is a multifaceted provider of luxury med spa services in Palo Alto, serving the entire Bay Area and beyond. Our core mission is to offer holistic cosmetic treatments that address the body, mind and spirit. We fuse the age-old wisdom of Eastern Ayurvedic Medicine with the cutting edge, world class technology of the West to supply an unprecedented level of beauty and well being for our clients.

Each client is viewed as a unique individual with their own path, desires and skin type, so our treatments are customized. No two HydraFacials are the same, for instance. We work with you to achieve your personal goals for improvement, and don’t stop working until you wishes are fulfilled.

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Total Glow believes that your treatment doesn’t stop when you leave the office. We follow up with every patient, and offer support in choosing supplements, vitamins and home skincare products that can preserve your results long term, extending the life of your treatment for the best value.

Our practice environment is respectful and accommodating to people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and of all genders and orientations. Our aestheticians as well as our board-certified plastic surgeon practice from a foundation of respect, transparency and integrity to bring you an outstanding patient experience that will hopefully be life-changing and inspiring to you from start to finish.

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